Kent State University - College Projects

I have completed many projects throughout my college journey at Kent State University. The following list is a compilation of some of my best projects. Those of you who are attending any of these classes at the present, may find some of these projects helpful, in terms of ideas and procedures. Some of you might just enjoy reading some of the essays and reports. Please click on the titles below to view.

Computer Assembly and Configuration

Electricity and Power Supplies
Floppy Drives
How Hardware and Software Work Together
Installing and Using Windows XP Professional
Introducing Hardware
Managing and Supporting Windows XP
Managing Memory
Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage
Optimizing and Protecting Hard Drives
Purchasing a PC or Bulding Your Own
Supporting I/O Devices
The Motherboard
Understanding and Installing Hard Drives
Understanding the Boot Process and Command Line

Technology in Action, Research in Technology

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?
Computer Ethics Thoughts to Consider

Computer Software Piracy
Computer Technology and the Internet
Weblogs as a Corporate Research Tool
Evaluating Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources
How to Publish a Webpage on the Kent State University Server
Internet Fraud
Online Portfolios
Online Portfolio Manual for Kent State University
Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft

Radio Frequency Identification
Swordfish Movie Review of Ethics
Technology Impacts on Ecology
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)
The Mark Foley Scandal
The Microchip
The RFID Chip
Website Design
Wireless Networking
Search Engine Optimization and a Successful Web Site

English and Technical Writing

Keeping the Strangers Out
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
The Color of Water
Writing An Autobiography
Amy E. Hissom Career Plan

Business, Human Resource Management, Management Technology, Fundamentals of Marketing

AmyHissom.Com Marketing Plan
Professional or Not - The Five Characteristics of a Professional
Stock Market Project
Understanding and Controlling Employee Turnover

Quality Standards

An Introduction to Quality - Part 1
An Introduction to Quality - Part 2
Total Quality in Organizations
Philosophies and Frameworks
Focusing On Customers
Performance Measurement and Strategic Information Management
Principles of Six Sigma
Statistical Thinking and Applications - Part 1
Statistical Thinking and applications - Part 2
Statistical Thinking and Applications - Part 3
Design for Six Sigma - Part 1
Design for Six Sigma - Part 2
Tools for Process Improvement

Assessing the Kent State University East Liverpool Campus against the Customer Focus Category of the 2011-2012 Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence

Quality Costs Case Study

Article Critiques
Ten Simple Principles for Treating Employees as Assets
Leading Minds Instead of Managing Behavior
How Social Media Can Be Used to Dialogue With the Customer
Are You An Accidental Diminisher?
How Businesses Can Profit From Raising Compensation at the Bottom

U.S. Formative Period and History of Civilization

Band of Brothers
Benedict Arnold - How the Traitor Was Unmasked
Braddock's March of Fort Duquesne
Buried At Sea
His Finest Hour
Jefferson's War
Lawrence of Arabia
Lewis & Clark - An Adventurous Journey Into the Unknown
Now Defend Yourself, You Damned Rascal
Stalin's Bluff - The Berlin Airlift
Suddenly We Didn't Want To Die
Tom Quick's Revenge
Ulysses S. Grant - Yazoo River Bender
Why Hitler Declared War on the United States

Website Design, Web Scripting, Multimedia

My First ASP Page
Cost of Carpet
Cents To Dollars
Dinosaur Quiz
Does Anyone Have the DAte and Time?
Leap Year
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