"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... must inevitably come to pass!" - Paul J. Meyer

Hello and welcome to my online porfolio. I have always had a desire to learn about computers and their applications. Throughout the years, I learned a lot of the technology associated with computers on my own, but knew that the only way I could learn even more was to attend college. Finally, in the spring of 2005, I enrolled myself in Kent State University's East Liverpool Campus. After years of hard work and dedication, I am happy to say that I have obtained my Associate's Degree in Computer Technology with distinction, my Bachelors of Science in Computer Technology with distinction, and my Master's Degree in Edication with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

I currently work as a freelance Web Developer. My career goal is to utilize my skills as a highly qualified individual of computer technology and instructional technology. My professional long-term goal is to use what I have learned and will learn to become an instructor in these particular areas on the college level or in a faculty professional development center.

Throughout the pages of this site, you'll find a collection of projects I have completed during my graduate career at Kent State University, as well as projects I have completed outside of school. These pages serve as a showcase of my skills and accomplishments.


Courses Semester/Year Grade
TECH 60078 - Research in Technology Fall/2010 A
TECH 50000 - Quality Standards Spring/2011 A
TECH 56321 - Web Database Integration Spring/2011 A
ITEC 57427 - Technology and Learning Fall/2011 A
ITEC 67437 - Web Development for Educators Fall/2011 A
ITEC 50093 - 21st Century Skills and Technology, Information and Media Literacies Workshop Spring/2012 S
ITEC 57430 - Computer Applications in Education Spring/2012 A
ITEC 57411 - Designing Visuals for Instruction Fall/2012 A
ITEC 67444 - Teaching Online Courses Fall/2012 A
ITEC 67442 - Designing Online Courses Spring/2013 A
ITEC 67438 - Instructional Applications of the Internet Fall/2013 A
ITEC - 67439 - Portfolio Review Fall/2013 S
EPSY 65524 - Learning Theories Spring/2013 A

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